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Captivating Kerala

Captivating Kerala

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Nestled in the southwestern coast of India lies Kerala, a land where nature’s bounty and rich history intertwine to create a tapestry of experiences that are as diverse as they are enchanting. Known as “God’s Own Country,” this slender state is a tropical paradise, boasting lush green landscapes, serene backwaters, and spice-scented hills. From the bustling streets of Kochi, rich in colonial history, to the tranquil hills of Munnar, each destination in Kerala offers a unique glimpse into a culture steeped in tradition and natural beauty.

As you journey through this land, you’ll be greeted with the warm smiles of its people, the aromatic flavors of its cuisine, and the vibrant colors of its cultural tapestry. Whether it’s cruising through the placid backwaters of Alleppey, witnessing the majestic art of Kathakali, or exploring the wildlife-rich forests of Thekkady, Kerala offers an experience that is as soulful as it is sensory.

Embark on this journey through Kerala, where each day unfolds a new chapter of discovery and delight, leaving you with memories that echo with the essence of this enchanting land.

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Tour Plan

Day 1: Kochi - A Tapestry of History
Arrive in Kochi, a city where time stands still amidst peninsulas and islands. Embark on a journey through history in Fort Kochi, visiting St. Francis Church and Mattancherry Palace. Overnight in Kochi, letting the city's old-world charm embrace you.
Day 2: Kochi's Cultural Mosaic
Explore the vibrant Jew Town and witness the iconic Chinese Fishing Nets. In the evening, experience the soul-stirring Kathakali dance. Immerse yourself in the tales and traditions that dance through the city's streets.
Day 3: Munnar - A Retreat in the Hills
(4-hour drive from Kochi) Depart for Munnar, a serene hill station. As you ascend into the Western Ghats, the landscape transforms into lush tea plantations and colonial bungalows. Unwind in Munnar's cool embrace and explore Eravikulam National Park and Lakkam Waterfalls.
Day 4: Munnar's Enchanted Trails
Venture into Munnar's heart, hiking through verdant landscapes to Top Station Valley. Discover Echo Point and Kundala Dam, set amidst the rolling hills. Let Munnar's natural splendor captivate you.
Day 5: Thekkady - A Spice-Scented Sanctuary
(3-hour drive from Munnar) Journey to Thekkady, a haven within Periyar National Park. Experience the thrill of Kalaripayattu in the evening, a testament to Kerala's ancient martial arts heritage.
Day 6: Thekkady's Wild Melody
Embrace the morning with a nature walk in Periyar, a symphony of wildlife and flora. Later, explore the aromatic spice plantations, a sensory journey through Kerala's spice-laden heart.
Day 7: Thekkady's Adventure on Bamboo Rafts
Experience bamboo rafting on Periyar Lake. This unique adventure offers panoramic views of the forest-clad hills and glimpses of the reserve's diverse fauna.
Day 8: Kumarakom - Backwater Bliss
(3.5-hour drive from Thekkady) Travel to Kumarakom, a picturesque village nestled on Vembanad Lake. Here, the rhythm of life is set by the gentle flow of backwaters. Relax in this verdant paradise and feel the stress of the world melt away.
Day 9: Kumarakom's Serene Day
A leisurely day in Kumarakom. Indulge in yoga or an Ayurvedic massage, or simply enjoy the tranquil beauty of the backwaters.
Day 10: Alleppey - Venice of the East
(1.5-hour drive from Kumarakom) Set off for Alleppey and board a houseboat for a serene cruise through the backwaters. Let the calm waters and lush landscapes transport you to a world of peace and beauty.
Day 11: Return to Kochi's Embrace
(1-hour drive from Alleppey) Journey back to Kochi. Spend your last evening in Kerala soaking up the city’s vibrant energy, a perfect conclusion to your journey.
Day 12: Farewell to the Land of Spices
Depart from Kochi, carrying with you memories of misty hills, tranquil backwaters, and the enduring spirit of Kerala.

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