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Embark on a 10-day self-drive journey through Iceland’s stunning landscapes, from geothermal wonders to majestic fjords and icy glaciers. This itinerary offers the freedom to explore at your own pace while experiencing the highlights of Iceland’s natural beauty.


  • Blue Lagoon: Unwind in the rejuvenating geothermal waters of one of the world’s wonders.
  • Northern Exposure: Discover the charm of the North, from the dramatic Hvítserkur to the vibrant town of Akureyri.
  • Eastfjords: Experience the tranquility of Iceland’s eastern landscapes, home to forests and reindeer.
  • Glacier Lagoon: Marvel at floating icebergs in the surreal setting of Jökulsárlón.
  • Golden Circle: Explore the geological marvels of Þingvellir, Gullfoss, and the geysers.

This self-drive itinerary is designed to offer an immersive experience into Iceland’s diverse landscapes and rich cultural heritage, providing you with independence to explore this spectacular country at your own pace.

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