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Trips with an Impact

At SCN Travel & More, our vision transcends the traditional itinerary to embrace a journey of purpose and positive impact.

We craft experiences that empower our travelers to deeply connect with and contribute to the communities they visit and create unforgettable memories.

Transformative Trips for everyone

Our volunteer and conservation programs are designed to suit a wide range of travelers committed to making a positive impact. Whether you’re an individual on a solo mission, a group of friends ready to contribute, or a corporate team focused on social responsibility, we have the perfect program for you. Families with children and teens will discover enriching and educational experiences through our specially crafted camps and itineraries. These journeys offer a unique way to bond over shared values and collective action while participating in meaningful conservation efforts. Join us to make a difference and leave a lasting legacy on our planet.

Areas of Focus

Education: Enrich the minds of young learners by teaching English to kindergartners and primary students.

Environment & Wildlife Conservation: Play an active role in safeguarding our planet’s future, contributing to conservation efforts.

Construction: Lend a hand in building and improving community infrastructure, leaving a lasting legacy.

EEE – For teenagers only!

We’re excited to introduce EEE, our forthcoming initiative in collaboration with FLO Teen Services. Standing for Engage, Educate, Empower, this program is uniquely designed to support young travelers (16-20 years) on their journey to becoming global citizens. Unlike traditional travel experiences, EEE encompasses a comprehensive approach that extends beyond the trip itself:

Engage: Participants will dive into immersive volunteer projects, engaging with local communities in meaningful ways that foster genuine connections and understanding.

Educate: Beyond mere participation, EEE emphasizes learning and growth. Travelers will receive educational insights into the culture, environmental issues, and social challenges of their destinations.

Empower: At the core of EEE is the empowerment of young individuals. Through active contribution and involvement, participants not only enhance their CV and stand out to university admissions and future employers, but also develop essential skills such as teamwork, leadership, and cross-cultural communication.

What sets EEE apart is its holistic framework, which includes not just the travel component but also thorough preparation and continuous accompaniment by a certified youth coach. This preparation phase involves tailored workshops and training sessions aimed at equipping participants with the necessary skills, knowledge, and mindset for their journey. During the trip, the youth coach provides guidance, support, and mentorship, ensuring a safe, enriching, and transformative experience. The journey with EEE is an investment in personal development, offering participants a platform to make a significant impact while exploring the world.

We believe in the power of combining volunteer work with exploration. Typically ranging from one to two weeks, our volunteer assignments are paired with a discovery trip, allowing travelers to immerse themselves in the beauty and culture of their destination, such as Bali, Sri Lanka, Zanzibar and many more…