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The Story About Us

Authentic Connection

Crafting journeys that foster genuine bonds between people and the places they visit, honoring the stories and spirits of each unique destination.

Tailored Discovery

Designing bespoke travel experiences that fulfill the individual's quest for exploration, from the cobblestone streets of antiquity to the untouched wilderness.

Cultural Immersion

Promoting deep cultural immersion as the essence of travel, where guests not only see but engage with the history, cuisine, and people of each locale.

Conscious Travel

Advocating for responsible travel with a commitment to sustainability, ensuring that our adventures preserve the beauty and integrity of the world for future generations.

Our commitment is threefold

Share expertise and experiences, fostering growth through collaborative projects.

Care for destinations sustainably, ensuring the preservation of local culture, nature, and wildlife.

Nurture trusted relationships, creating bonds with local partners and fellow travelers that last beyond the trip.


Our Story

Founded in 2022, SCN Travel & More is based in Dubai, and driven by a passion for crafting meaningful and authentic travel experiences around the world. Our diverse and ever-growing team, hailing from various cultures and speaking multiple languages, is dedicated to creating journeys that foster inspiration, connection, and unforgettable memories.

Meet the team

Our multi-cultural team of travel experts, from planners to local guides, is united in crafting extraordinary experiences. As storytellers and adventurers, we're dedicated to bringing authentic journeys to life. Get in touch and pay us a visit -there is always time for a cup of coffee and a good chat.

Your SCN team of travel tailors