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Journey Through the Kyrgyz Nomadic Highlands

Journey Through the Kyrgyz Nomadic Highlands

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Embark on a captivating adventure through Kyrgyzstan, a land where the rugged beauty of the Tian Shan mountains meets the timeless traditions of its nomadic people. This exclusive itinerary takes you deep into the heart of the Kyrgyz highlands, offering an unforgettable blend of scenic beauty, cultural immersion, and adventurous experiences.


  • Nomadic Traditions: Immerse yourself in the daily life of Kyrgyz nomads, participating in age-old customs like eagle hunting and yurt living.
  • Spectacular Landscapes: Ride on horseback through the lush, flower-filled meadows of Chong-Kemin and hike to the serene, crystal-clear waters of Köl-Ükök Lake.
  • Cultural Connections: Spend evenings around the campfire, sharing stories and songs under the vast, starlit skies with local families.

This journey promises more than just sightseeing; it is an immersive expedition into the soul of Kyrgyzstan, where every view tells a story, every face holds a smile, and every moment is steeped in tradition. Ready yourself for an adventure that will not only lead you through wild, open spaces but also into the warm embrace of Kyrgyz culture.

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Tour Plan

Day 1: Arrival in Bishkek - Transfer to Chong Kemin
Morning: Touch down in Bishkek and enjoy a local-style breakfast, bursting with the flavors of Kyrgyz cuisine. Begin the scenic drive to Chong-Kemin National Park, capturing the essence of Kyrgyzstan’s natural beauty through your camera lens. Afternoon: Arrive in the picturesque village of Karal-Dobo, where the warm smiles of local hosts welcome you. Settle into a charming guest house and savor a delicious, home-cooked lunch. Explore the village and nearby meadows, where the air is fresh and the landscape is painted with a palette of vibrant greens and wildflowers. Evening: Return to your guest house for a traditional dinner, perhaps trying your hand at local games or crafts. Overnight: Jekshen guest house.
Day 2: Explore Chong Kemin
Delve deeper into the heart of Chong Kemin Valley, renowned for its diverse ecology and breathtaking vistas. Join local guides on horseback, galloping through expansive pastures that offer panoramic views of towering peaks. Learn about the medicinal herbs and plants that dot the landscape from your knowledgeable hosts. Overnight: Jekshen guest house.
Day 3: Chong Kemin to Tez Tor
Morning: Journey to the summer pastures of Tez-Tör. The vibrant life of the pasture unfolds as you set up camp among the nomads. Afternoon: Engage deeply with a Kyrgyz family, helping with daily tasks and learning the intricate art of felt making or traditional cooking methods. Evening: As dusk falls, gather around a roaring campfire for a night of local storytelling and music, an authentic expression of Kyrgyz culture. Overnight: Yurt camp in Tez-Tör.
Day 4: Tez Tor to Köl-Ükök to Kochkor
Morning: Awake early for a trek or horse ride to the mystical Köl-Ükök Lake. The path winds through ancient forests and alpine scenery, with stops to admire the stunning views and perhaps spot local wildlife. Afternoon: Relish a picnic lunch by the lake's edge, surrounded by the tranquil sounds of nature. Journey back to Kochkor, carrying with you the peace of the mountains. Overnight: Local guest house in Kochkor.
Day 5: Kochkor to Bishkek - Departure
Morning: Savor a final Kyrgyz breakfast before your drive back to Bishkek. Explore a bustling local market, picking up handcrafted souvenirs and sampling local treats. Afternoon: Reflect on your journey as you drive to the airport, filled with memories of the landscapes and friendships formed in the heart of Kyrgyzstan.  

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